Air transport solutions

Integrated transport solutions.

We handle your international shipments from start to finish from selecting the best mode of transport to completing the customs process.

Logistics Titans’ varied products, global reach & local knowledge equal hassle-free expert solutions. For time-sensitive international air shipments, we can build a custom air freight solution to fit your unique needs.


Our Value-Added Air Freight services are managed by experienced Routing Specialists who will ask you when your shipment needs to arrive, and then tailor the air logistics service accordingly. If there’s flexibility in your delivery date, then our expertise in international markets can save you even more money. And if your air freight is on a tight deadline – we supplement our commercial lift with dedicated and part-charter flights to accommodate nearly any shipment from almost anywhere!


At Logistics Titans, we’ve concentrated on forming long term relationships with selected worldwide airlines and cartage companies, and through these individual partner alliances, we are able to negotiate the best pricing available, for our clients who need Air Freight Forwarding services. In specific market segments and geographic areas, we have custom agreements in place to secure capacity with the flexibility to expand or contract these commitments based on your requirements.


Attention to process and detail is paramount to ensure a successful Air Freight Forwarding service. With Logistics Titans’ experienced team members, who have mastered the documentation requirements for shipping to a multitude of countries, we take care of the certificates of origin and registration, the letters of credit, and whatever it takes to get the job and simplify the process.


We guide your team through the challenges of maintaining Global compliance for air freight imports and exports throughout the world. Logistics Titans is more than just an air logistics service provider, we are your trusted supply chain partner. It’s the Logistics Titans’ management support team that can scale, as needed, based on your number of sourcing countries.

We always handle your single shipments and your frequent deliveries with equal amount of professionalism and commitment.

We aim to be the first choice in the Nordic countries for groupage, part load and full load transports and for special equipment.

As our customer, you will benefit from a full Track & Trace of your shipments. With just one click, you will know where your cargo is.


We handle your international shipments from start to finish.

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