Logistics Titans is fully committed to your health and safe working environments.


Logistics Titans Management commitment to safety in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States values and supports safe working environment, worker’s safety. We are taking additional actions to protect the health and wellness of our employees, and our clients. We are committed to mitigating supply chain disruptions for our clients, our consumers, and ensuring business continuity though contingency planning and strategies.


During these unsettled days, weeks past and ahead, our global airfreight team has been diligently working on securing air charters for routes around the globe. Passenger capacity continues to diminish day by day, however, this is allowing some global airlines Although we continue to look for passenger lift when available, these options are decreasing rapidly. Even though some global airlines are slashing their flight capacity by 80%-90%, we are experiencing positive opportunities with the airlines converting passenger aircraft into cargo aircraft. With this rapidly changing development, it may present the best option for more economical airfreight solutions for certain lanes in addition to our regular charter service which is coming online now from China to the USA and other trade lane pairs. If you have a question about our air charter solutions and how we can potentially assist, please send information on any upcoming urgent needs such as origin and destination pair, dimensions, weight and whether the shipment is of a critical nature (perishable) so that we may provide a response regarding an upcoming charter that may fit your immediate or short term needs. You can reference the growing list of additional countries around the globe by clicking here: (Source:New York Times) Please email our global airfreight team at:


Our leadership team has been working diligently, monitoring the situation in the United States to respond swiftly. The health and well-being of our employees and our families is our number one priority. To that end, and with immediate effect, our Global Headquarters located near Oklahoma will now be working remote until further notice. During this transition, we will be conducting business as usual to assist our clients during this disruptive time. Thank you for your understanding.

Additionally, in order to protect the safety of our drivers, our clients and consumers, Logistics Titans Delivery and Last Mile services including pickups and deliveries continue to evolve with additional precautions.

Transportation companies are moving to protect truck and delivery drivers, who are vital to keeping food, medical supplies and eCommerce moving as people in the United States begin sheltering at home in an effort to slow an expected wave of cases of COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the sometimes deadly new coronavirus.

As we will see an increase in a variety of orders, depending on the volume of illnesses is certain affected areas, Logistics Titans will continue operations with some limited restrictions. These restrictions will help protect the safety of our workers in the warehouses while others transition to remote working from home with limited to no interruptions in other freight forwarding and white glove services. At the same time, we will also be able to focus on the business continuity for our clients to ensure continued operation and little to no disruption in your supply chain.

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