Museum &
Fine Art

Museum & Fine Art

A proud member and preferred partner of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), Logistics Titans is the clear choice for shipping your museum fixtures and fine art.

We Offer:

  • An extensive delivery network – ensures on-time delivery of your fine art shipment whenever you need it.
  • Climate controlled transportation methods – keeps these sensitive items at the perfect temperature and in humidity-free conditions, for the entire time they are in transit.
  • Elite operators on task – trained professionals, with many years of experience, handling sensitive and delicate artwork and museum shipments.
  • Online tracking around the clock – gives real-time information on your item’s location and status.
  • Standard operating procedures for shipping museum pieces and fine art – ensures focus on details.

Damaging a one-of-a-kind relic or piece of artwork is absolutely out of the question.

That is why Logistics Titans utilizes only our most experienced and trusted operators for these delicate jobs. Understandably, shipping such valuable and possibly antique items is a stressful task for museum directors. We offer full transparency to the process as well as the ability to be in direct contact with our operators, at any time during transit. Logistics Titans’ proprietary technology enables trust. Trust Logistics Titans to provide the care that your museum pieces and fine art deserve.

Contact us to start developing a solution for your next valuable museum of fine art shipment.

Our experts can customize a program for you, no matter what your needs are.

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