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More than technology and transportation services, Logistics Titans also offers consulting services to firms seeking more efficient supply chain solutions. We analyze, identify issues, and recommend appropriate solutions for efficiency losses and service failures.


Logistics Titans applies Six Sigma techniques and tools to improve both our own performance and that of our clients. A disciplined, data-driven methodology, Six Sigma focuses on eliminating all process-related defects. Our own internal applications have enabled us to reduce costs, claims, and time-to-delivery. We proudly offer the expertise of our Six Sigma team to our clients to support them in their continuous improvement and overall success.


Logistics Titans helps clients who are looking to create a new supply chain or new total solution by customizing a plan that covers every step of their processes. Your business strategy is important to us which is why we ensure that the solutions we develop align perfectly. We do this by employing a combination of:
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Network Modeling
  • Technology Integration


Our Six Sigma methodologies inform our evaluation and recommendation of specific solutions for clients seeking supply chain improvements. We apply an in-depth analysis of the clients’ issues and supply chain to pinpoint the causes of lost efficiencies. Logistics Titans rectifies these issues by employing cutting edge technology and transportation methods that reduce client costs and improve delivery times.


Logistics Titans believes in the power of accurate, sophisticated modeling to help craft our custom supply chain solutions. Our complex models are then tested through our advanced software that allows us to map out newer, more ideal strategies. By performing modeling and testing, we are able to uncover potential lost resources and efficiencies that clients may otherwise never know about until a more serious issue brings it to their attention. After comparing strategy options, we recommend the one that creates the most efficiencies and cost savings for our clients.
Logistics Titans’ real solutions are backed by decades of experience in the transportation and logistics industries and guided by our Six Sigma methodology, proven modeling techniques, and advanced technologies. Our expansive network enables us to effectively employ our tailored solutions, ensuring broad, global access to our clients who seek to do business without limits.

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