White Glove Services

What Are White Glove Services?

White glove services are all about surpassing expectations and going beyond what you would typically expect from a Transportation Management company.

White glove services offer an added layer of care, ensuring that the goods ordered by the customer are delivered according to the highest standards, taking into account several procedural steps to guarantee their safekeeping.

Consumers are beginning to demand this type of service more and more and the industry is reacting to meet the expectations. Eventually, we expect this kind of service to become the standard.

Does Every Product Need White Glove Services?

Fragile products such as appliances and electronics will require extra care and attention from the transportation company and personnel delivering the goods. These types of items are the ideal candidate for white glove services as regular delivery could result in damages to the fragile components being delivered.

What Does It Take to Implement White Glove Services?

Providing White Glove Services for last-mile delivery is more than just a qualified team of handlers who take extra precautions while the product is being delivered, it is also necessary to allow the customer to track their product in real-time. This can be accomplished by implementing more communication options between the customer and delivery person, as well as online tracking for the package. 


We have the following bits of advice to offer if you are a logistics company looking to add white glove services to your last-mile delivery.

A few points to keep in mind:

  • Set clear deliverables with your client by specifying what they will receive from you by acquiring your white glove services.
  • Get feedback from the people using your services to determine if you are hitting the bullseye with every delivery.
  • Have a contingency plan even the best operation can fail, and when that happens it’s vital to have a backup plan and action steps to keep your customer well-informed.

Will providing White Glove Services increase my costs?

Although every new business endeavor comes at a cost, providing a white-glove service actually helps save money in the long run. Providing white glove services often has the effect of logistics companies having to do less reverse shipping, because costly items are faced with less exposure to damage, and this results in fewer returns. 

How does the customer experience White Glove delivery?

In simple terms the customer is informed and in control from beginning to end of their product’s delivery, this fact alone improves the customer’s experience making it more likely for them to use the service again.

Is it an option to offer last-mile delivery without the white glove option?

Although many companies will remain the same without making any changes to their current service offering, the most influential companies have opted for taking on the challenge. We believe it is those who are willing to meet the needs of their customers who will dominate the market. 

Book White Glove Deliveries Online through Logistics Titans TMS

Our TMS offers white glove delivery service all over the country using a network of final-mile delivery agents in conjunction with our LTL network.

You can book your white glove LTL shipment online as you normally would using any LTL carrier that you would like. Our TMS will automatically add an extra stop to the order where the LTL carrier will drop off to our final-mile delivery agent. From there our agent will setup an appointment with your consignee and make the final delivery using two uniformed staff members arriving on a truck with a lift-gate.  

All necessary changes to the LTL bill of lading in regards to the delivery address of our agent are made instantaneously.  The process is seamless to the person booking the shipment.


· Includes curbside, garage, or inside delivery on a skid.

· No debris removal.


· Includes de-skidding, inside delivery to room of choice, no unpacking,
no assembly or debris removal.

· 15 minutes onsite.


· Includes de-skidding, inside delivery to room of choice, unpacking, minor assembly (no tools or Flatpack/KD furniture), and debris removal to an offsite receptacle.

· 20 minutes onsite.

· Items over 400 lbs cannot be moved off main floor.

Typical accessorial charges such as Residential Delivery, Inside, Lift-gate, Limited Access, and Appointment fees are all included when booking white glove shipments. Any accessorial services needed at the pickup location are still required.

Simply Choose "White Glove" and proceed as normal

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